What the hell is “milujusvojetelo”?

“Miluju svoje telo” means I love my body in Czech. I created this website both for you and for me to create a place where we all can find a refuge.

Why Czech? First, I’m from the Czech Republic, obviously. Second, I started this website in Czech, but then I kind of decided to switch into English.

Who the hell are you?

I’m Anna and I’m 23. Since the age of 16, I’ve been struggling with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. I struggle with accepting myself and my body, the way I look, how much I weight, all these processes that go through my head.

Why should I read this website?

I created this website to build a place for all people, boys, and girls, to find a refuge when dealing with any type of eating disorders, self-image issues, self-love, and self-acceptance (a little too self…ish).

I, myself struggle with loving (or at least accepting) myself for a big part of my life. Even tough I found information in books, websites or videos, I feel like there are mostly just a simple articles, examples and stories, not dealing with this problem in its complexity.

I would also like to help to people that have someone in their life dealing with this and don’t understand it, don’t know how to act or what to do to better understand what eating disorder is. It’s not easy for anyone going through this and not being part of this world can make it extremely difficult to understand each other.  

Can I write you?

Sure! I’ll be glad to hear from you. Whether you have your own experience with an eating disorder that you want to share, a comment about the website or you just simply need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate and reach out to me. 🙂


Yep! You can write me a message on my Facebook page or Instagram; you can also write me an email at milujusvojetelo@gmail.com